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2023-11-27 13:35

What to do in Estoi

Get to know the charming and historic village of Estoi

When visiting La Bodeguita del Medio you can walk through the village of Estoi, in Faro, Algarve, you can enjoy strolling through the ruins of the ancient Roman Villa of Milreu and seeing the 19th century Estoi Palace, as well as getting to know the traditional life of the people of the Algarve.

Estoi is a small village in the district of Faro, located in the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal. It is located approximately 8 kilometers (5 miles) north of Faro, the capital of the Algarve. Estoi is known for its charming and historic features, making it a popular destination for tourists exploring the Algarve.

One of Estoi's main attractions is the Palácio de Estoi, a rococo palace built in the 19th century converted into a hotel, the Pousada Palácio de Estoi. In addition to the palace, Estoi has a Roman archaeological site called Milreu, which includes the ruins of a Roman villa with well-preserved mosaics. This site offers a glimpse into the region's ancient history.

The town itself has a relaxed atmosphere, with narrow streets, traditional houses and a central square where locals and visitors can gather. Estoi offers a quieter, more historic alternative to the busy beach towns that characterize much of the Algarve.

Tourists often enjoy Estoi's peaceful atmosphere and its proximity to other Algarve attractions, such as Faro, the Ria Formosa Natural Park and the beautiful beaches along the coast.
In Estoi you can:

  •     Visit
    • Ruins of Milreu
    • Roman bridge that is still used today
    • Estoi Palace
    • Estoi Mother Church
    • House of the Poet Emiliano da Costa
    • Festivals, Markets and Events, among which the following stand out:
      • Horse Fair
      • Festa da Pinha
      • Gypsy Market
      • Flea Market

You can also carry out outdoor activities such as walks in the hills around Estoi where you can enjoy an overwhelming view over the city of Faro and the sea.

And with so much hustle and bustle, it's always best to stop by La Bodeguita del Medio to have a refreshing drink or something to eat to renew your energy. I you are in holidays or are a resident in Estoi you can always take away on of our menus, visit our menu online and order.

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